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    Toddla™ Calming Otter

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    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    Toddla™ Calming Otter

    How Others Are Loving Toddla Calming Otter

    Rated 4.9/5 by +1000 Happy Customers

    "Best baby product I bought!"

    I bought this in hopes of helping my baby sleep and/or nap. From the first time I set it next to him, with the heart beat sound and it mimicking breathing, he immediately turned towards it and started to fall asleep. I highly recommend this! One of the best things I have found for my baby!

    "Helps so much!"

    With the obvious supervised naps I highly recommend! The breathable aspect of these really soothe my 9 week old baby. She is super picky about wanting to be next to me at all times. As a pump to feed momma since she doesn’t latch this helps her relax nap even while I’m busy pumping. Within minutes of laying it next to her she is out. The music it plays is a plus with soothing as well.

    "Highly recommend it to new moms"

    This has been a game-changer for us, making our baby’s sleep peaceful like never before. It’s truly been a miraculous addition to our nightly routine.

    "Definitely worth the every penny"

    My daughter and everyone that sees this toy falls in love. The music is soothing as well as the belly going up and down. This otter made a trip on an airplane and a few long car rides, otherwise he is used prior to nap to calm our little one down and get her ready for sleeping - she loves snuggling him and laying her head on his belly.

    "Such a thoughtful gift"

    It is magic, my sister in law gifted my son one and he sleeps so good at night now

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Calming Otter is filled with endless features that guarantee better sleep for your child and for yourself.

    1. Womb & ultrasound breathing

    2. 4 soothing sleeping sounds

    3. Gentle nightlight

    4. Realistic heartbeats

    These combination of calming features, soothe your babies to restful and deep sleep so you can finally go to bed in peace!

    Here's how the Calming Otter works...

    1. Insert the batteries:

    Open the battery compartment and insert three AA batteries. Make sure the batteries are inserted correctly.

    2. Switch on:

    Press the Otter's right foot to switch it on. The lights and music will be activated.

    3. Adjust the music volume:

    Press the left foot once to turn down the music. Press the left foot a second time to turn up the music. The left foot controls the music volume.

    4. Control lights and music:

    Pressing the right foot once turns off the lights, but the music stays on and the Otter continues to breathe. Pressing the right foot a second time stops the music, but the otters's belly continues to move. Pressing the right foot a third time turns everything off.


    The sequence of steps is important in order to control the functions correctly. If the Otter does not work as expected, please check the batteries or contact customer support.

    Now you can operate the otter safely and enjoy the various functions!

    Our Calming Otter was specifically designed for parents who struggles with little one's bedtime.

    It also helps women, men, children, and even pets get the rest they crave!

    Our calming otter can be used for babies from birth+

    For baby's safety, always follow SIDS guidelines. Keep soft toys out of the crib for babies under 7 months. The calming otter's audio and visual features will still offer comfort.

    We believe that our Calming Otter will provide ease of mind for you and your baby.

    But if we’re wrong, and it’s not for you — no worries. Just reach out to our friendly customer service team via email and they’ll arrange a no-fuss refund for you.

    After 1-3 business days of processing time, you would expect to receive your otter within 4-10 business days.

    If you would like to know the specific shipping methods available for your country, please refer to 'Shipping & Delivery'

    Yes absolutely!

    If you ever have any issue with your otter, simply send us an email at within 30 days of receiving your order and we will organize a FREE replacement or issue you a full refund.